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At Bags of Fun we specialize in making sure your bottom line is protected by insuring that you receive the best polyurethane product at the lowest prices.

Woven & Unwoven Plastic Bags

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We specialise in woven and unwoven bags, taylored to your specific needs.  Our high quality production plant insures that every clients specific needs are met, at the most competitive prices.

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Polyurethane (PUR and PU) is a polymer composed of organic units joined by carbamate (urethane) links. While most polyurethanes are thermosetting polymers that do not melt when heated, thermoplastic polyurethanes are also available.

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Why is it cheaper to make things in China?
Goods from China can be made cheaply in a variety of ways. Historically, low labor costs in China allowed a reduction is variable costs, which made our unit prices cheaper. … The other advantage China offers is the ability to make things cheaper than can be made in other western manufacturing areas.

Are Products from China Safe?

Generalizing that products from China are good or bad, safe or dangerous means nothing. … Nearly every product being sold in the United States that comes from China has a U.S. partner or customer. Few Chinese manufacturers have the ability or interest to market and distribute their own products.

You dream it, and we will build it.

Speak to one of our sales people now and get your custom designed packaging solution today at cost prices, lower than what you could imagine.

We all know that the point of business is to buy something for a buck and selling it for two. With Bags-of-Fun we will help you keep your packaging costs down, helping you keep your profits up.

Customize your Bags

Wheather your looking to bag your Louis Vutton shoes or 80kg feed bags, we have the capasity to mass produce high quality items, over numerous ranges. Our highly evloved factory in China, ensures that costs are kept down, and quality is kept high, even when mass producing bags, on an international scale.

High Quality Polyurethane Bags | Manufactured in China

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polyurethane  products on the market.

What ever you choose we can pack them in to a printed cotton bag or if it’s a refill or the budget doesn’t allow we have our standard “refill” bag!

Polyurethane chemistry is complex, but the basics are relatively easy to understand.  Polyurethanes are formed by reacting a polyol (an alcohol with more than two reactive hydroxyl groups per molecule) with a diisocyanate or a polymeric isocyanate in the presence of suitable catalysts and additives.

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Why packaging is so important?

Product packaging plays a more important role in consumer decisions than you might think. … Some would argue that the packaging is as important as the product itself because it’s a crucial marketing and communication tool for your business. Start thinking about your brand packaging and consider these four factors.

Custom Designed Solutions

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Why are packaging designs important?

Your packaging is potentially the first impression a customer gets of your brand and products, so making it count is important. It’s your chance to catch the eye of a customer but more importantly, it’s your company sales pitch. Each package on the shelf is like a tiny sales person working for you.

It’s also your chance to get an emotional connection to your brand started. Follow that up with excellent customer service and you’ve probably made a new customer.

A few things we’re great at

At Bags of Fun we specialize in woven and unwoven Polyurethane bags,
 customdesigned and mass produced to appease event the most specific needs on the market.

Find some images of products we are able to produce below.